Espresso Machine Restart after Lockdown

Here are some tips and tricks to aid in restarting your espresso machine after a long term duration of being left off.

Before starting the machine, spend some time looking around the machine for any external leaks.

Step 1: Water

  • Turn water supply back on and check for any leaks around water filter and machine
  • Flush water filter: It's best to flush the water filter for around 3 minutes to remove any stale water from the filter. This may be tricky depending on the location of the filter.
  • Turn off water supply
  • Undo hose connection which is between the filter and machine and place in a drain or bucket. Gently turn on the water supply and flush for around three minutes. Discard water, re-connect hoses and check for leaks.

Step 2: Electrical
Depending on the type of electrics. your machine will have either a single or two step switch.
With a single step switch, turn machine on and let it fill and heat up.
With a two step (e.g. La Spaziale S5 & Compact) turn the switch to position one to let the machine fill with water, then to step 2 to let it heat up. This may take around 20 minutes to heat up.

Step 3: Machine Checks
Once the machine has heated up, perform the following steps to check full working condition

  • Run water through the group heads
  • Check pump pressure when pump is engaged. Should be around 8 to 9 bar.
  • Check there's no leaks from the discard hose to your wastage.
  • Check steam wands and hot water are working fully
  • Press double shot on both group heads at the same time and check flowrates and volumes are similar.

If you've passed these checks then congrats! You're ready to serve Moon Roast Coffee!

If you have any issues or queries. We're happy to help, please call our roastery at 01256 38996 or email