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Welcome to Moonroast, we are an independent small batch coffee roaster based in the heart of the Candover Valley in Hampshire, UK. We source the highest speciality graded green coffee beans and hand roast in small batches on our coffee roasters weekly for optimum flavour and freshness.

We supply our coffees in retail form with our Online Store where you can browse our current seasonal offerings of Single Origin, Blends, Decaf which would be hand roasted, bagged and shipped right to your front door.  

Also, in wholesale form for many independent cafes, gastro pubs and restaurants. Located in Hampshire, London and throughout the rest of UK. To produce superbly tasting coffees on both Espresso and Filter Machines for their customers.



Starting back in 2012, Francis Bradshaw purchased a coffee roaster and speciality graded green coffee beans and began self-learning how to roast and get the best out of each bean in his barn at the rear of his backyard in Brown Candover, Hampshire. With family history spanning over four generations of Bradshaw’s, all with links to the coffee & tea industry.

Year after year we have won various awards including Great Taste Awards on our multiple single origin and crafted blends.


Location & Roastery Space

Since 2012, we have made huge progress in improving the quality of coffee in Hampshire. From Barista Training the café and restaurant staff to producing the best tasting espresso beverages. To providing our coffees to more and more outlets in Hampshire and UK.

With the increased demand of our specialist coffees, in 2017 we moved our whole operation to a purpose-built space to facilitate our coffee roasting, barista training and coffee events on a rural farm two miles up the road at Chilton Manor Farm, Chilton Candover. With the expansion of space, Moonroast has grown and so has the team members to aid in the quality of production, servicing and barista training of our customers.


Focus on Quality and Training

We strongly focus on the quality and consistency of our coffees. From ethically sourcing our speciality graded arabica coffees from all around the world, making sure that the farmers get paid for the quality of coffee. Not the quantity.

Roasting is a huge part of the coffees process as each variable, be the initial temperature of dropping the beans into the roaster, duration time and development of roast can hugely impact the resulted flavour profile of each given coffee origin. We hand-roast our coffees which means that the process of roasting is carried out by hand and requires adjustments at various stages of the roast. We have various scientific equipment to aid us in delivering the consistency of flavour from our coffees.


The final stage of the coffee journey is extracting the coffee as espresso or filter. And as this is very important, we provide complementary Barista Training (LINK) and ongoing support to ensure that staff have a great understanding of coffee extractions and milk texturing to create beautifully tasting brews consistently throughout the day.


So that is a brief overview of Moonroast Coffee. If you’d like to learn more, we have gone in depth with each topic with links below:


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