Welcome To Moon Roast Coffee

Moon Roast Coffee is about embracing the wide-ranging spectrum of flavours that quality coffee has to offer.

As a specialty coffee roaster, we don't just deliver great coffee to our customers - we want to expand minds and palates too. Many coffee drinkers have quite a narrow view of what coffee should taste like. By offering unique and delicious coffees that we've freshly roasted ourselves, we want to change that.

Our story

First, a bit about our history. Our founder, Francis Bradshaw, has a wide-ranging family history in the tea and coffee trade - but he only started roasting his own beans in a small barn in his backyard about ten years ago. He roasted by night in his free time, under the watchful gaze of the village owl (hence the name Moon Roast).

Today, we're a specialty coffee roaster based in rural Hampshire. Our nine-strong team hand-roasts small batches every day, to ensure supreme freshness for our customers. From single origin coffees to exciting blends, we source the very best coffee to roast to perfection.

Our coffee

We are constantly looking for exceptional coffee, and that journey has taken us around the globe. As well as working with well-established producers, we travel to more unexpected areas to unearth unique specialty coffee. Then, by freshly roasting it ourselves with rigorous attention to detail, our exacting specialists are able to develop the tastiest roast profiles.

We have divided our world class coffee into three collections: CORE, EXPLORE and ECLIPSE. The CORE range covers our favourite blends and single origin coffee, whilst the EXPLORE collection offers a broader choice of unique taste profiles. The ECLIPSE collection is something special: small, limited-edition roasts, highlighting particular flavours through terroir, processing and roasting methods.

We source our coffee as directly from origin as possible, from a diverse range of small-holder farmers around the world. By doing so, we can ensure that our farmers receive the right price for their coffee, and that their farming practices have a low environmental impact.

Our services

Buy unique, freshly-roasted coffee online

All our coffees are available to buy through our online specialty coffee shop. There, you'll find detailed information on the provenance of each coffee, as well as the production method, tasting notes and recommended brewing recipe. We offer free shipping for any order over £30.

Because we roast our coffee every day in small batches, it arrives at your door supremely fresh. This makes a huge difference compared to a coffee that was roasted months ago, halfway around the world. Moreover, we believe in rigorous cupping post-roast to ensure quality and consistency.

Coffee subscriptions

Whether you have a favourite Moon Roast coffee or you want to regularly try something new, our coffee subscriptions are a hassle-free way to get great coffee to your door on the regular. With our CORE or EXPLORE subscriptions, you'll receive a different coffee every month, from an array of unique and exciting taste profiles. Your monthly subscription includes a recipe card of the chosen coffee, with a brew recipe from our in-house baristas.

Wholesale coffee order

Do you want to serve the best coffee at your business? We’re a friendly, approachable team, passionate about helping every coffee business serve exceptional coffee. We don't just wholesale coffee beans - we provide in-depth, long-term barista training to ensure your staff get the best from our specialty coffee. Plus, there's no minimum order for wholesale.

Visit us for a tour or a cup

Our roastery tours are a fascinating journey of coffee from farm to cup, where you can taste specialty-grade coffee and learn all about what it takes to produce it. Our specialists will take you through the experience of cupping - the professional way of tasting coffee - and our master roaster will demonstrate a roast. You'll also learn from our barista, who will teach you all about a variety of different brewing methods.

If you would just like to pop by, you can visit our Roastery Kiosk, open weekdays from 9am - 4pm. Enjoy a takeaway coffee, or buy beans and brewing equipment straight from the experts. We'll be happy to talk you through the variety of coffees we have on offer - so why not take the trip down? Get directions here.

Coffee courses

Do you want to learn how to make barista-level drinks at home? Develop your knowledge and home coffee-making skills with one of our group courses, held at our roastery at Chilton Manor Farm, Hampshire. The Home Espresso Group Course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of coffee, from coffee plant growth and harvesting through to roasting. Then, you'll learn how to extract espresso, followed by texturing milk for flat whites and lattes. An excellent gift for coffee lovers.

Ethics and sustainability

Our coffee production

The world of coffee production has historically been a murky one, often dependent on exploitation and environmental degradation. At Moon Roast, it's important to us that the people we work with are treated fairly, receive a good price for their coffee, and produce it in harmony with the natural world.

Our speciality-grade Arabica coffee is sourced from small farms, in countries as diverse as Rwanda, Peru and China. Because we get our coffee directly from the producers (or sometimes, as directly as we can), we're able to ensure the farmers are being paid a fair price, and that their practices remain kind to the environment.

Our packaging

We're currently working towards environmentally-friendly packaging that keeps coffee fresh. Finding packaging that's truly sustainable and meets our standards is proving to be a challenge - but we've got a new solution in the pipeline that we'll be sharing with our community soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram (@noonroastcoffee) to hear about it when it's ready.

Currently, local customers can bring their used bags back to us for recycling, and we encourage all our local customers to refill their Moon Roast bags, or bring their own storage containers when purchasing their beans. 

All the rest of our packaging - from our takeout coffee cups to our packing boxes and tape - is entirely recyclable or compostable. We offer coffee sacks, chaff and used coffee grounds to local gardeners and community projects, and we're always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our business.

Ready to take your first step into the world of fresh specialty coffee? Browse our shop here.