The Best Brew for You (2) - Time


Time is a very important variable in brewing coffee, but it is also one of the simplest to get your head around. As expected, the more time the coffee spends with the water, the more flavour is extracted.  

In a cafetière or aeropress, you can just leave it longer to extract more. (When the coffee starts to taste dry, astringent or bitter, you have left it too long). 

For pour-over or espresso, you can increase your time by grinding finer, pouring slower (not applicable to espresso) or using more coffee and more water. 

Because time is such an important variable, I would always recommend using some sort of timing device. It could be your smartphone, the clock on the wall, or maybe your scales have a built in timer, like these.  

When you time your brews, they will become consistently better and more repeatable, allowing you to enjoy high quality coffee every time. 

As with any variable in coffee brewing, play around with it, find what works for you, and have fun making the best cup you can! 

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