K is for Kaldi

There are multiple theories about the origins and discovery of coffee. One of the most popular is that of Kaldi.

Kaldi was an Arab Ethiopian Goatherd, who lived around 850 AD. He observed his goats nibbling on the bright red cherries of a bush, and noticed the strange effect the fruit had on them.

The goats became far more energetic, and the legend goes that they were jumping and dancing. Kaldi chewed on the fruit himself, and noticed the same stimulating effect.

He then took the seeds to a nearby monastery, sharing his discovery with other locals. It is said that a monk did not approve of the seeds, and threw them on a fire.

The aroma was so powerful, the beans were raked from the fire, ground and dissolved in water, creating the first cup of coffee.

This story has never been factually certified; it is a nice tale nonetheless.